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How often does a doctor see a patient?

A doctor sees a patient as often as is medically necessary. Insurance companies may also make recommendations on how often a patient should be seen. How do you pick a doctor if their Primary Care Physician (PCP) does not have privileges here?

Our facility maintains a list of PCPs who are taking new patients. If your PCP doesn't have privileges at our facility, rest assured we have several credentialed physicians to choose from. All PCPs recommended by our facility have met our credentialing requirements.

What insurances do you accept?

We participate in most health insurance plans.

How much therapy does a resident receive?

A resident typically receives as much therapy as is medically necessary. The opinions of the therapy staff, as well as any recommendations from the insurance carrier, are considered when a physician designs and orders a patient's therapy program.

What is a skilled need?

A skilled need is one that has to be primarily addressed by either a therapist or nurse. Skilled needs may include caring for IVs, a new PEG tube, or maintaining a new tracheotomy. Skilled needs also cover physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language therapy.

Does insurance pay for skilled nursing costs?

Insurance coverage can vary widely. Consult with your insurance company for specific details on your policy. Our Admissions Department can provide you with information that may be useful in discussing your coverage with your insurance carrier.

Who is your Medical Director?

By law, our facility is required to have a medical director. The name of the medical director and other members of the medical staff are available through our Admissions Department.

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For more information about the Greensburg Care Center, please call us at 724-836-2480. We'll be happy to send you a detailed information packet, conduct a pre-screening, schedule a time for you to visit, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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